Monaco, renowned for its glamorous lifestyle and strategic location, has always been a hub for international trade and commerce. Recognizing this potential, the Franzosini Group, known for its precision and expertise, made the decisive move to establish its new branch office in Monaco in September 2020.

Situated in the city center, the Monaco branch, run by two young and motivated collaborators, marks an essential expansion to the Group’s international clientele. The commercial development potential in Monaco and the South of France presents an opportunity for globalized visibility that aligns with the company’s vision and goals.

Franzosini Monaco’s cosmopolitan vantage point makes it a unique destination for various international commercial activities. With an abundant 360° range of services, the Monaco branch offers comprehensive solutions covering all transportation needs, whether by land, air, or sea. Its strategic location also serves as more than a mere “port” between Switzerland and France, enabling independent activities to flourish.

Franzosini’s traveling highway service, initiated in March, marks a significant stride in environmental sustainability by saving approximately 4,488 kg of CO2 emissions in just one month

The Principality of Monaco, a cherished destination for the commercial populace of Nice and Marseille, allows the Franzosini Group to manage shipments of common goods and high-value added goods, necessitating ad-hoc services. The concept of “cross-trade,” with guaranteed discretion throughout the supply chain, further enhances the value proposition of the Monaco branch.

Aligning Swiss Precision with the Riviera’s Opportunities for a Bright Future in Global Transport and Logistics

In the short and medium term, the Franzosini Group plans to collaborate with local companies in diverse sectors like works of art, yachting, wine trade, pharmaceuticals, and fashion. These industries have carved an essential space in the international market, reflecting the dynamic nature of Monaco’s commercial ecosystem.

Monaco’s prestige is further amplified by events like the Formula One Grand Prix, generating significant business incentives within the community. In addition, the vibrant world of shipbuilding, including spare parts for boats to furnishing accessories catering to the yachting industry, presents a realm of possibilities.

While Monaco is a small metropolis with only about 38,000 inhabitants, its international appeal is undeniable. The nearby Riviera and its capital Nice serve as the hub of lively industrial and artisan activities, reaching out to the mouth of the Rhône and the Alpes-Maritimes.

With the famous climate and blue sky as a backdrop, the Franzosini name aims to become synonymous with quality service in both the Principality and France. By aligning Swiss precision with the sunny Riviera’s unique opportunities, the Franzosini Group’s winning bet in Monaco reaffirms its commitment to innovation, quality, and global expansion. The future looks bright for Franzosini Monaco, a milestone in the Group’s continued quest for excellence in the world of international transport and logistics.